Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Peacock Wedding Cake - Jessy Dass

I've done quite a number of peacock cakes and through time, my peacock cake looks much better, I also had find ways to simplify in making the peacock feathers.

This cake was for Ms Jessy Dass's Wedding, its quite a challenged when she wanted it to replicate exactly the peacock feathers colors. 

Kolam in front of the hall way.
When I reached the venue, somewhere in Gombak, I was amazed at the "kolam" in front of the hall, a vibrant colors of a pair of peacock. Since I was a child I always amazed at my friend's mother, (Sorry, I'm reminisced to my childhood day - my friend's name Ms Manimagalai, her house just like 20 meters from our school) she makes the best chicken curry I've ever tasted. She makes the curry from scratch making a thick curry paste using the "batu gilling" (granite slabs and stone rollers for grounding chillies and spices).

She used to draw the "kolam" in front of the house, she do it free-hand, there's no "blue-print" as a guide, all in her head. Every week with different design.  My friend told me, if her mother in a good mood, there would be vibrant colors on the "kolam" otherwise it's just a plain white outline design. 
I would like to thank Ms Jessy Dass, for e-mailing a few photos during her wedding and a few from a professional photographer - a vast difference from my amateurish photos.........
photo from professional photographer, REAL PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY

Ms Jessy Dass with Groom

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