Monday, May 21, 2012

Wedding Cake Reception - Mr Mikael's

This cake was also ordered by Ms Shalieza for Mr Mikael's wedding reception. Again she gave me freedom to create. This was a two tiered chocolate cake, chocolate ganache fillings, chocolate fondant adorned with chocolate roses. It was quite difficult to shaped these roses during a hot humid day. I had to delivered to a restaurant at Subang Parade, Subang Jaya. It was difficult to find a parking space during the weekend, especially after 7 pm. I just parked illegally (hoping I will not get any summon ticket) quite near to the location of the restaurant. I am very grateful with the restaurant's staff in expediting the receiving of the cake and setting up of the cake for me, and thank god no summon ticket on my windscreen.

On Monday, I received an sms from Ms Shalieza "......the family of the bride and groom was very satisfied, your cake was cute and delicious........" ( well something like that...).

Mr Mikael and his bride

Boxes of Flowers -Mr Mikael's

I was commissioned to make a hantaran cake for Mr. Mikael's wedding. Actually his friend, Ms Shalieza who ordered or I presumed she sponsored the cake. She went through my blog and not really sure what she wanted, end up, she gave me freedom to create whatever I fancy, she just gave her budget and the theme color. Since she gave me more than 2 weeks lead time, I have ample time to plan what I wanted to do. All these gum paste flowers, the roses and the hydrangeas, were handmade.  Actually, I'm quite surprised myself, the overall decoration of the cake was absolutely magnificent.........( Soon I'll post Mr. Mikael's wedding photo)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cake Pops - "Aqiqah" and "Cukur Jambul" Ceremony

These Cake Pops still under experiment stage. The recipe is more suitable for temperate countries than tropical. Therefore, at this stage I'll only do for only families members. Below cake pops were for my niece's aqiqah ceremony. Below the finished products.

Setting of the Dessert Table link to my niece's blog -

Cake Pops were individually packed

Chocolate Cupcakes with Pink Baby Booties - "Aqiqah" and Cukur Jambul" Ceremony

It's been quite sometimes I did not do these baby booties, so I had to look through my old notes on how to pipe these teeny weeny baby booties. You have to held the piping bag on certain angle otherwise you will not get the baby booties you wanted. Since I'm using no 10 tip, the length of the boots must not more than 0.8 inch, otherwise it will look like Charlie Chaplin Boots instead!!!.

It looks so cute when the cupcakes were placed in the container.

Rainbow Cake - "Aqiqah" and "Cukur Jambul" Ceremony

My niece ordered a rainbow cake, cupcakes and pop cakes for the "aqiqah" and "cukur jambul" ceremony. Most of the design ideas came from her, I just try to implement/execute her ideas. Actually this ceremony was held for 3 babies, since their birth date were very close to each other, Arya - my niece's daughter, Arfan - her sister-in-law's son and Adilya - her husband uncle's daughter.

She wanted the cake to be 7 full spectrum of rainbow colors, covered with white fondant with 3 babies figurine on the cake. It was quite tedious because you have to bake each layers separately, ensure each layers must have the same height, meaning each color batter must have the same weight, and once fillings of blueberry...oh yummy, were done between each layer, the cake must be leveled at all sides, I succeeded the execution.

Next, the babies figurine, it was a challenged to do the tiny weeny faces, feet and hands. My first attempt on the baby head, does not turn out well, it looks like Smeagol, a character in the Lord of the Ring ".........bless us and splash us, my preciousssss........". However, I decided to put only one baby figurine on the cake, in my opinion, it would be overcrowded with 3 babies on a 8 inch cake. So below was the finished product.

The Three Babies

Doll Cake - Dania

This doll cake was made of sponge cake with blueberry and fresh cream fillings. The height of the skirt was 6.5 inches and the base diameter 9 inches.

Photo courtesy from Ms Celina Tan

Bridal Shower Cookies - Bridal Gown

It seems now Malaysians have every reasons to celebrate anything. During my time (gosh that was ages ago), we only celebrate birthday or "majlis kesyukuran" if you scored flying colors during your exams. However, now, that is, my nieces and nephews eras, they celebrate end of exams, celebrate prior to a marriage, celebrate when you been left by your boyfriend/girlfriend or get jilted or dump, celebrate when the "syariah court" granted a divorce and the list getting longer and weirder. In my opinion Malaysian society is getting more affluence with higher purchasing power.

Now back to my cookies. These bridal shower cookies ordered by a group of young ladies who wanted to celebrate a friend who soon getting married. The cookies were in the shape of bridal gown.

This bridal gown shaped cookie cutter was given to me by my brother who used to travel quite extensively. He's been buying me cookies cutters and cookery books during his travels, so my collections of cookies cutters are quite comprehensive. Recently, in April, I was in London, went to Portobello Road, Notting Hill, I managed to find a small kiosk that sold cookies cutters, mixed of plastics and copper cookies cutters. I went through it and most of the shaped I had already owned.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Two Tiered Topsy-Turvy - Ms Dahlia

However, the two tiered cake overall appearance was not to bad, even though there's an inclination for me to use RED to enhance the overall look of the cake but I would feel guilty if I did not comply with her requirements. The cake was adorned with dropping dahlias with baby booties toppers.The baby booties was brushed with edible pearl pink luster color, it looks really cute and very pretty.


Chocolate Cupcake - Ms Dahlia

After pipping the first tray of pink dahlias on the cupcake, I needed a break and go for a swim for nearly one hour. It was not the pipping of dahlias made me mentally tired, but I think the colors really effected my brain??? Pipping consistency is utmost important, so my dahlias will not turn up to be a chrysanthemum!!

Baby Shower Cookies - Ms Dahlia

I received an order from a "hard core" regular customer, whose organizing a surprise baby shower party for Ms Dahlia, requesting me to do 3 inch cookies, chocolate cupcakes and 2 tier Topsy-turvy cake. Why do I said "hard core", well, I have known her since she was in kindergarten, very firm on her decisions and stubborn in a positive way.

She gave me a lengthy e-mail indicating specifically what she wanted. On the color section "......only pink and white, you can go different shades of pink but there MUST NOT have any RED, PURPLE or PEACH (these are complementary colors of pink).

Ooo, yeah, I'm going bonkers with pink!.......perhaps light red is not equal to pink??