Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peacock Wedding Cake - Mehra and Menna

This 5 tiered wedding cake was for an Indian Wedding held at Marriott Hotel, Bukit Bintang. At first, I was quite reluctant to take this order due to not enough lead time. I need at least 7 days to prepare the peacock feathers and it must be really hardened, otherwise it will be easily broken during assembling.

Mr Raj, the bride's brother-in-law, is a very persistent man. After much deliberations and negotiations, I agreed to take his order. I had barely four days to bake and decorate the cake!!!.

My niece, Ezan, willing to accompany me to the hotel. It was raining when I reached the venue. However, the Marriott's staff was so helpful by allowing me to park my car near the entrance of the hotel, and efficiently delivered the cakes to the banquet area to set up the cake.

I was not satisfied with the table the hotel provided, I met the banquet manager and ask for more stable table. The table was placed on a platform beside the stage. Also the contractors still doing some finishing touches to the stage, it was a bit of a havoc really, still with the sound of hammering here and there. The banquet manager try to convince me to use the table. Quite tiring arguing with him, I just told him off - if the cake stumble down he will be responsible!!!!

It was a nerve wrecking experience while setting up the cake.  My niece helped me to put the peacock feathers one by one. A lot of tissue paper been used to make sure the peacock feathers stick nicely on the cake.  After setting up all the five tier, true enough, the weight of the cake , plus the unstable table,  and a little bit of movement on the floor, the cake started to wobble. Again, I summoned the banquet manager, he looks worried and later his staff tried to put something  under the table to stabilize it. Five strong men needed to lift the table!!. Well, at least there's less wobble.

This five tiered chocolate cake alternate with vanilla cake.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Edible Image - Optimus Prime

This photo by courtesy from the boy's parent.
This cake for a six years old boy and this was an eggless cake specially requested by his mother. The birthday party was held at Bangsar Village.

Lovers' Sofa

Of late I've been receiving calls requesting for lovers bed. I did not show some of it because a few had similar design. There's also a request to do a "boobs" cake by a group of young executives that wanted to organize a stag party for a friend who soon to be married somewhere in December. It was a hilarious long conversation with one of them and I could not stop laughing with a few statements he made, such an innocent guy!! I'm not sure whether I can show the cake in my blog......when the time comes, then I'll decide.

This Lovers' Sofa was for a bridal shower ordered by a lady stayed somewhere near Tropicana. When I reached her apartment I called her to collect downstairs. However, she insisted me to send to her unit.......well I should charge her more. I ring the bell a few times, no respond......I'm getting worried!! Did I get to the Wrong Unit? I contacted her through the hand phone. Thank God! she answered, she informed to gave her a few minutes for her to reached the door. Finally, the door opened, she was using crutches and she was gasping for breath!!. Then I saw her swollen blue black feet and the ankle was really swollen. The day before, in her office,she had missed a steps while going downstairs, worst she was wearing high heels. She said she could heard the cracking sounds on  her ankle!! She just rolled downstairs a few times helplessly. She was lucky her backbone was not hurt. Her panel doctor gave her one month medical leave!!!

Wedding Cake - Hydrangea

This Wedding Cake looks simple yet elegant. The hydrangea flowers really bring out the overall outlook of the cake.

This was Nuzul's wedding and was held at Bangunan SUK Shah AlamAfter setting up the cake, a few guest had started coming in. A few gave a good comments, however there's one particular guest insisted it was a fake cake, not knowing I'm the one who had set-up the cake earlier. Worst still, she started touching the cake!!. Hey, where is your manners!!!