Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Butt Cake

This was the baby girl's father idea, he showed me the photo and requested me to do it. It was quite a challenge, though I have made a few changes so it looks more realistic. Actually this was two tiered cake, both chocolate cake.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday Cake - The Golden Skull

This skull cake for my friends who celebrated their birthday on the same week.

Birthday Cake for Twins

This was a chocolate cake for twins - Hemamalini and Hemalatha.

Birthday Cake - Lightning McQueen

This was a chocolate cake with buttercream icing.

Birthday cake - Evan Raez

Three tiered cake for a one year old boy. The theme was football and the parent wanted a Liverpool logo on the cake.

The child mother, Ms. Intan basically specified the design.

Hantaran Cake - Dianah

The client wanted two figurine on the cake, complete with traditional attire.

Ezan's Wedding Cookies - Favors

This wedding cookies were given to guest as token. "Brush Embroidery" was used on the cookies.

Annual Wedding Cake Competition 2010

The Annual Wedding Competition was held on 30-31 October 2010. Organized by International Centre of Cake Artistry's (ICCA).  This was my first time entering into this competition. Coincidently and unfortunately, this was  the time where I had many orders to fulfill. The winner of the competition had many experiences in entering his pieces at international level, so experinces and knew very well of the judges expectations was very crucial. Factors like design, skills and execution was part of the marks given.Eddie Spence was one of the judges. Below a few photos taken during the competition.

My entry - Comments from Judges - poor execution, design - quite good, color scheme - should be more brighter. Compare with other competitor - I'm far behind, need to practice more.

Wedding Cake - The Peacock, Ezani's Wedding

Many mistakes on this wedding cake. Execution was very poor - can see the cake layers under the fondant.

Mini Cakes - Wedding Gown

Due to time constraint, I forego the lacey texture gown. These cakes were token for the bridesmaids.

Hantaran cake - The Pagola Toppers

The above cake design was copied from a book "The Art of Royal Icing" by Eddie Spence. The overall appearence looks "neat", however, it was a very nerve-wreaking experience, especially during assembling all the royal icing pieces.

This cake was featured in NONA Magazine, January Issue.

Bridal Shower Cake - Lover's Bed Cake and Cookies

Another group of ladies throwing bridal shower party for a friend. They also ordered cookies to complement the cake.

Hantaran Cake - Pillow Cake

In my opinion, the gum paste orchid flowers should be the smaller version. Due to its size the pillow was overwhelm by the orchid. 

Guitar Shaped Cookies

The guitar shaped cookies were quite difficult to handle, be it before or after baking, it's easily broken due the the shape.

Birthday Cake - Barisan Nasional

I guess the birthday boy is a Barisan Nasional's staunch.

Birthday Cake and Cookies - Safari Theme - Alwi

 Group photo - spot the sleeping birthday boy.......

This Two Tiered Birthday Cake and Cookies were for Alwi's 1st Birthday. How time fly........

I just love the  blue hippopotamus basking in the "water".

The Cookies were just very colorful, I used marbling technique for the cookies design.


Birthday boy with mummy.

Wedding Cake - Sabrina

This four tiered wedding cake consisted of chocolate and coconut cake alternately. Initially I wanted to use  fresh flowers, however, the florist advised not to use it because most Malaysian flower farmers used pesticide and insecticide. So instead I used silk flowers and these flowers must be washed and dried prior to the event.

Hantaran Cake - Pillow Cake - Sabrina

This pillow cake was inspired from the 60's fashion pillow. Since the theme color was lilac, peach and baby blue, the overall appearances was quite subdued.

Mini Wedding Cake - Zafran

These mini wedding cakes were token for immediate family. It was a tedious process due to the size of the cake. The mini cakes were individually packed in a transparent container.

Pull-Apart Cupcakes - 33rd Anniversary

This Pull-Apart Cupcakes were to celebrate their parent's 33rd Wedding Anniversary. I've been informed by one of the children, for the first time after more than 10 years all their children were at home for the holidays, sort of a big family gathering.

Ani Zayanah Ibrahim's Wedding Cake

This two tiered buttercream wedding cake consisted of Chocolate and Coconut Cake.

Hantaran Cake

This was a last minute order. Not satisfied with the flowers though. Due to time constraint, I don't have time to brush the dust color properly onto the gum paste flowers.

Birthday Cake - Number 10

This chocalate cake was more than 4 kilo and the cake box was very wide. It was an agony just to carry the box from the car to her father's office. The cake was brought to school to celebrate with her classmate of 40 pax.

Father's Day Cake

For a golf enthusiast. Chocolate cake with 3 inch figurine.

Birthday Cake - The Aeroplane

The above cake was for a one year old boy. I really happy with the outcome, however there was a technical glitche, the wings of the plane started to drooped.......lesson learned, instead of gum paste I should have used cardboard. I have to put satay stick to hold the wings.

Bridal Shower Cake and Cookies

I received the bridal shower cake and cookies order from a group of young ladies. At first they were quite apprehensive in giving me their ideas on what they really wanted. They wanted something a bit of provocative.....I asked how provocative you wanted to be?? After several exchange of calls they come with the the above idea for the cake and cookies.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Syazana Birthday Cookies

Birthday Cookies for a Teenage girl who love "frog".

Baby Shower Cookies

These baby shower cookies does not have any specific theme colors......freedom!