Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fantasy Teapot Cake

This was a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache fillings. 

I received a call one day from an unknown lady who told me that she got my number while browsing through all the cake blog that she can found in Selangor. She was impressed with my previous works and she was confident that I can do the cake that she had in mind.

The cake was for a hantaran cake for her nephew's engagement. She had seen the teapot cake that I made years ago and she e-mailed a ceramic teapot and requested me to replicate it with the requested theme colors. Since the engagement was for another 1 month, I had ample time to plan.

The most crucial part doing this cake was the petals pieces that had to be really dried otherwise it would be easily broken.

I was amazed with myself, the blue petals really enhanced the overall look of the teapot. I sent the cake to her sister-in law's house. 

To date, I never meet the lady in person, just through phone calls and e-mailed. Nevertheless, she "sms"ed me after the engagement ceremony by saying thanks for producing a good work of art. It really made my day.......

Chocolate Wedding Cake

I really like the overall finished of this 3 tiered wedding cake. These were a 10 inches, 8 inches and 6 inches cake. The height of each cake was 4 inches.

These were moist chocolate cake, therefore its considered as soft cake, not suitable to be stacked.

The cakes were adorned with purple roses as requested by client, with leaves and tendrils falls beside the cake.

Monday, December 12, 2011

White Wedding Cake - Shima

This 3 tiered wedding cake was for Shima's soleminization ceremony. It was held in a quaint and small club house. When I reached the club house, there were only 3 children, below 12 years olds, with 2 adults  , I guessed from the catering contractors awaiting at the club house. I asked them where is the cake table, they have no idea at all. One of the children informed me that everybody were in the mosque attending the solemnization ceremony.

I just put all the boxes on one of the table and started setting-up the cake. While setting-up, the children just can't resisted touching the butter cream, OMG!!! I had to repair a few spots, that had delayed substantially the proses of setting-up.  They requested to taste the butter cream, as usual, (I have done this so many times) I asked them to hold out their tongue and I piped a dallop of butter cream on their tongue.......well, it does not look hygenic,  at least these children will stop bothering me.

While piping little dots on the top tiered, suddenly the main door opened!! the solemnization had over and a stream of guests started coming in. I just stopped and cleaned the table. One of the lady that came in earlier showed me the place for the cake and we carried the cake on the designated  area. I thought of finishing the little dots on the other tiers but I find it impossible to do it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tiffany Box

This Tiffany Box Cake was for a bridal shower. It was a red velvet cake with chocolate ganache fillings....yummy, yummy.

White Cake with Yellow Roses

I received an order from a repetitive client requesting to make a hantaran cake for his brother's engagement.

She specifically wanted 2 colors only, white with light yellow roses on top of the cake.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Doll Cake - Pink

This doll cake was for a three year old girl. The girl's father had booked the date one month in advance. A few times I have to decline his order due to the date he wanted usually fully booked.

Guitar Cake

This cake I made a few years ago, Actually I was searching for some other photos but stumbled upon this photo, the Guitar Cake.  This cake was for a 55 years old guy, who was also going to retire soon. This was quite a large cake with 24 inches in length. The bakery shop does not have a 24 inches length of board. So, I went to the hardware shop to purchase the board. I never knew there's are so many type of plywood, there's one ply, double ply, triple ply, etc,etc......Nevertheless, the shop assistant was very helpful and he chooses the board for me when I told him what I'm going to use for, he cut into my required dimension.

After decorated the cake, I tried to lift it up and put into my large fridge, my god, it was quite heavy for me.

Wedding Cake - Shades of Yellow

This three tiered wedding cake was for my cousin's wedding held at Sungai Siput, Perak. So I have to bring this cake separately and set-up at the venue and my brother, Sabri, was the appointed driver. I told him tried to avoid sudden brakes, not to go into potholes, and goes slowly when there humps/bumps, as usual, being himself, he did not take heed of what I requested.  After more than 2 hours ride, we reached the destination, I open the cake box, 60% of the flowers dropped!!!!! Arrghh..........I took a few deep breath. He looked at me and said " Instead of spring season cake, you change the concept to fall, you just spread the flowers around the cake, there you have it!!! I have solve your problem". Sometimes, how I wish I can.........him. But that "act" is forbidden.

I carried the cake to the table and fortunately, I brought extra royal icing to "glue" the flowers into position. It was very tedious and time consuming, however, I am being blessed with two wonderful sister-in-laws that gave a helping hand.
About my cousin, the groom, Syed Ahmad Thamrini also known as Che Tam, he's an English lecturer. His has strong resemblance with his late father,  Syed Namat, who was an English teacher in a small  quaint kampung. His late father like to converse English with my sister and I when we visited our Opah  (grandmother). I  remember vividly, being a twelve years old, I just "bulldozed" when I spoke English with him. At times he will corrected by grammar and he said my English sound like the "Chinese Kampung English"!!!, hey! blame on my "environment" , my class was predominantly consisted of Chinese Hokkien and there were only 5 Malays out of 30 plus Chinese and 1 indian.

Back to my cake, overall the cake turn out alright.

A very pretty cake, this was a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache fillings, very simple yet elegant. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

White Roses Cupcakes

A few clients asked me whether I still do cupcakes, yes I still do. It's just that many designs were repetitive therefore, I will not show again in my blog. So, only occasionally I'll show it, if I think its' worth showing. This white roses chocolate cupcakes were for gift to guest during a solemnization ceremony. Each cupcake was put into a transparent container. Pipping a lot of white roses, makes my eyes goes "bonkers" for a while........

Pearl White Roses Hantaran Cake

This simple hantaran cake with pearl white roses adorned on top of the cake. Actually it was not purely white, there's a slight pinkish pearl. Actually in reality it looks very "pretty". but my photo does not reflect the true colors, something to do with too much absortion of white colors. I should put a black cloth on the background while taking the photo.....I'm still learning the technique of taking photos..........

Rainbow Butter Cake

I received many orders on rainbow butter cake that involves children. Actually this is a basic butter cake with colors added to it. It's very popular amongst children below 10 years old. I asked my nephew who is 7 years old, why he preferred the colored butter cake over the plain one. He said the colored ones taste better.......mmm, how colors effects children mind. There's one article I came across years ago said that, children prefer bright colors over subtle hues, their eyes not adapted to see dull colors, therefore they are partially color blind, something to do with their rods and cones not fully developed. Bright colors and saturated hues associated them with pleasant memories.

Blooms of Roses

This "hantaran" cake was for a "nikah" (solemnization) ceremony. The bride gave me freedom for the design with a few specific colors to be followed. This was a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream fillings. I tried to replicate the look of a ceramic pot but failed. 

The fillers flowers improves the overall look of the cake.
The mixtures of edible dust colors that I mixed on the pallet does not really comes out when your brush on the fondant surface. However, the blooms of roses and fillers flowers saves the overall look of the cake.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peacock Wedding Cake - Mehra and Menna

This 5 tiered wedding cake was for an Indian Wedding held at Marriott Hotel, Bukit Bintang. At first, I was quite reluctant to take this order due to not enough lead time. I need at least 7 days to prepare the peacock feathers and it must be really hardened, otherwise it will be easily broken during assembling.

Mr Raj, the bride's brother-in-law, is a very persistent man. After much deliberations and negotiations, I agreed to take his order. I had barely four days to bake and decorate the cake!!!.

My niece, Ezan, willing to accompany me to the hotel. It was raining when I reached the venue. However, the Marriott's staff was so helpful by allowing me to park my car near the entrance of the hotel, and efficiently delivered the cakes to the banquet area to set up the cake.

I was not satisfied with the table the hotel provided, I met the banquet manager and ask for more stable table. The table was placed on a platform beside the stage. Also the contractors still doing some finishing touches to the stage, it was a bit of a havoc really, still with the sound of hammering here and there. The banquet manager try to convince me to use the table. Quite tiring arguing with him, I just told him off - if the cake stumble down he will be responsible!!!!

It was a nerve wrecking experience while setting up the cake.  My niece helped me to put the peacock feathers one by one. A lot of tissue paper been used to make sure the peacock feathers stick nicely on the cake.  After setting up all the five tier, true enough, the weight of the cake , plus the unstable table,  and a little bit of movement on the floor, the cake started to wobble. Again, I summoned the banquet manager, he looks worried and later his staff tried to put something  under the table to stabilize it. Five strong men needed to lift the table!!. Well, at least there's less wobble.

This five tiered chocolate cake alternate with vanilla cake.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Edible Image - Optimus Prime

This photo by courtesy from the boy's parent.
This cake for a six years old boy and this was an eggless cake specially requested by his mother. The birthday party was held at Bangsar Village.

Lovers' Sofa

Of late I've been receiving calls requesting for lovers bed. I did not show some of it because a few had similar design. There's also a request to do a "boobs" cake by a group of young executives that wanted to organize a stag party for a friend who soon to be married somewhere in December. It was a hilarious long conversation with one of them and I could not stop laughing with a few statements he made, such an innocent guy!! I'm not sure whether I can show the cake in my blog......when the time comes, then I'll decide.

This Lovers' Sofa was for a bridal shower ordered by a lady stayed somewhere near Tropicana. When I reached her apartment I called her to collect downstairs. However, she insisted me to send to her unit.......well I should charge her more. I ring the bell a few times, no respond......I'm getting worried!! Did I get to the Wrong Unit? I contacted her through the hand phone. Thank God! she answered, she informed to gave her a few minutes for her to reached the door. Finally, the door opened, she was using crutches and she was gasping for breath!!. Then I saw her swollen blue black feet and the ankle was really swollen. The day before, in her office,she had missed a steps while going downstairs, worst she was wearing high heels. She said she could heard the cracking sounds on  her ankle!! She just rolled downstairs a few times helplessly. She was lucky her backbone was not hurt. Her panel doctor gave her one month medical leave!!!

Wedding Cake - Hydrangea

This Wedding Cake looks simple yet elegant. The hydrangea flowers really bring out the overall outlook of the cake.

This was Nuzul's wedding and was held at Bangunan SUK Shah AlamAfter setting up the cake, a few guest had started coming in. A few gave a good comments, however there's one particular guest insisted it was a fake cake, not knowing I'm the one who had set-up the cake earlier. Worst still, she started touching the cake!!. Hey, where is your manners!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lingerie Cake

I received an sms on one busy day, requesting whether I can take cake order within one week time. After checking with my schedule, I informed her  I could not take the order due to my full schedule.  A few exchanging of sms and my answer was still a NO!.

However, her persistant sms makes me wondering, this lady was very desperate........so I contacted her. She wanted only a small cake and pleading to me to squeeze her order and whatever type of cake will be find with her. Since that weekend I'm baking moist chocolate cake I agreed and will make an extra batter for her.

She e-mail a photo of Lingerie Cake but wanted a smaller version and she also informed her budget. This cake was for a bridal shower for her friend that soon to be married within one week time.

This cake measured 11 inches by 7 inches, enough for 8-10 pax. This cake looks really cute, decorated with buttercream.

Three Little Wedding Gowns

These three little wedding gowns were for an engagement hantaran. The client had shown the tray where the cake board to be placed. The cake board cannot be more than 9 inches in diameter and the client requested mini cake wedding gowns for the hantaran. Initially, there should be four mini wedding cakes, however after covering with fondant, I could not squeezed all the four cakes on the cake board, quite frustrating!!.

I'm not really satified with the end product, many mistakes during the process of decorating, anyway blame on my flu.......

Sunday, July 31, 2011

3D Lightning McQueen

I really enjoyed carving this 3D Lightning Mc Queen Cake. Well, I managed to borrow one of my friend son's Lightning McQueen car toy as a sample. Still in wrappers when she gave it to me. She informed her son have too many Lightning McQueen Car for his last year birthday. This cake was 14 inches long, 8 inches wide, 4.5 inches in height.

Wedding Cake Competition Poster 2011

Last week I went to ICCA Dataran Sunway to buy some cutters for my sugar flowers. Before paying the bills the counter girl reminded me to register my name for the Wedding Cake Competition held on 30th September. I saw the poster for for the first time and I was surprised to see my cake design entry in 2010, is on the posters with others entries. Well maybe the organizer wanted to show the varieties of design produce by their students.

Last year's first prize is the one shown on the right bottom, bird cage and beautiful yellow gumpaste flowers. His skills is fantastic especially on the brush embroidery and the intricacy of the gumpaste flowers.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Peacock Cake

I received a call one day from a client requesting a peacock cake for her sister's engagement. Appointment was made and she sited a sample of peacock wedding cake in the Asadi Magazine. Even though she did not bring the picture but I had seen it before and still imprinted in my head. To do the peacock feathers was a bit of time consuming. 

She requested a three tiered cake and she wanted to bring it to Temerloh. I was quite apprehensive it will survive the journey. Nevertheless, I suggested a two tiered cake with different shape so it would still accentuate the peacock.

Overall I'm quite satisfied with the outcome, however the peacock body appeared a bit stiff and I should have painted the feathers on the body (brown ones) so there will be some dimension and texture.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bridal Shower Cake - Lovers' Bed Cake

This lovers' bed cake suitable for 16 pax, the measurement of the bed was 7 inches by 6 inches, the table drawers and the side seater was also consisted of cake. While I was decorating the cake, it was raining, the fondant was quite soft due to high humidity.... things that should be straight seems crooked.

Bridal Shower Cake - Wedding Gown

This was a small bridal shower cake suitable for a small group of eight people, the cake bottom's diameter was 7 inches only.

I Pad Cake

I make a small I Pad butter cake for Amir's and Farah's birthday - who unfortunately share the same birth date. The cake was for dessert after a heavy lunch.

Actually this cake was an experiment using airbrush technique on buttercream. I've yet to acquire the skills of controlling the amount of color discharged through the airbrush pen - well not bad for first attempt.

photo from family album

ALSA Conference 2011 Cake

This cake was actually a vegetarian chocolate cake. It was considered a last minute order, however since one of the main committee is my own niece, I just could not rejected her plea.

Photo courtesy from ALSA committee
 After the Opening Speech by Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram at the Asian Law Students' Association (ALSA) National Conference 2011 at UiTM, Shah Alam.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cookies for Engagement

These two design cookies were for 2 sisters whose engagement was held on the same day.

Brush Embroidery technique on the cookies
Inspired from mehndi design or henna tattoo

Teachers' Day Cake

Yes, another Teachers' Day,  a week before the date I have to schedule carefully, especially the delivery and storage. I have to reject all last minute orders even though from my closest friends - have to be firmed on this matter....no more "pujuk rayu", I need my beauty sleep. All orders requested for Chocolate Cake.... choc, choc, choc.......... 

Below quite a large cake donated by a political figure to several schools in Shah Alam.

Pillow Cake

This Pillow Cake was for an Engagement Hantaran that was held in Trengganu. I am really satisfied with the outcome of the overall finish product.

The light pink roses really compliment with the gold sheen pillow.