Thursday, May 6, 2010

Featured : Wedding Cakes - A Design Source

We've been featured! In UK's Wedding Cakes - A Design Source Magazine, which is published every quarterly, together with other chosen students of The International Center of Cake Artistry (ICCA), Malaysia.

Lover's Bed : Bridal Shower Party

This cake was requested by a group of ladies who were organizing a hen party. They e-mailed a few photos as samples of what they have in mind, however they also gave me freedom on the design. I browsed the internet and try to look for a design that was not too time consuming.
I fact, I was quite amazed of the results, I really enjoy doing the little details around the bed!

Engagements: Abdullah Khubayb and Raja Nadia Sabrina's Hantaran

Sabrina requested a pillow cake with flowers adorned on the pillow. Actually, based on my original design, there should be an embroidery design on the pillow, however I had to change to other design because she requested to deliver earlier on the eleventh hour. In fact, the purple peony flower should be brush again with pink edible powder for enhancement but due to time constraint I have to let go.

I am not satisfied with the outcome because in my opinion the overall look of the design looks rather pale. However, based on the feedback, she seems to love it =)

Going kooky over cookies!

Of late I had received many orders for cookies. Cookies for children’s birthday with specific theme, bridal showers, weddings and aqiqah.
It gives me an avenue to try new design on those cookies. I affixed photos of cookies that I have done for the past month.

3-inch Cookies for your party!

Birthday Cake : Abstract with standup digits

I was requested to do this cake by my regular customer. He e-mailed the photo and I managed to make it looks similar.

Wedding : Che Mat's Wedding experience

I reached Ipoh at 10.30 am and straight away set up the tiers trays for the cupcake tree. Since it were a small size cupcakes and could not found a suitable container to fit in, I have to improvise the casing by putting a cardboard with a hole in the middle so that the cupcake will stay put.

Che Mat also ordered a two tiered cake for the cake cutting ceremony that was held at night, so meanwhile the cake was stashed away in the fridge.

It was really a hot day and I lost count how many times I took the “cendol” to quench my thirst. With the hot weather I don’t have the appetite to eat the “nasi minyak” and the “rendang”. I could not stand the weather and make a move to my brother’s house in Ipoh and took a nap in an air cond its heaven......

After Maghrib, we went to Che Mat’s house. The two boxes of cake had been taken out from the fridge. My god, what a surprised!, the cake looks soo wet, the humidity may cause the frosting to weep with small droplets of moisture that collect in puddles on top and roll down the sides and puddle at the base of the cake.The water just flow like a miniture waterfall on the surface of the cake. I never had this before!!!. I tried to keep calm, took a deep breath, sweats like after running 500 meters dash. I tried to use the kitchen towel to absorb the water but in vain.  My elder brother try to help  by switching on the fan but it doesn’t make any difference. Later, I realised all the house’s windows were closed, no woder the house was stuffy and hot. I requested to open the windows to reduced the heat but was not allowed as to avoid mosquitoes from entering the house.......sob, sob...

I just stacked the cake on the board, trying to ignore the condensation, arranged the gumpaste flowers and completed my mission. After the cake had been arranged on the table, the guest started to take photos of the cake, click here and there. However, the cake still look very wet.....Overall, I am not satisfied on the look of the cake......... Thus far, my first VERY bad experience and its beyond my control......

Yasmin's Birthday Party : 3D House in Chocolate Cake, 3-inch cookies with homemade recycle bags

Little Yasmin celebrated her birthday with her kindergarten friends. I used a recycle cards ( hari raya, christmas,deepavali & season greetings) to make her goodies bag.
The goodies bag contain 3 inch cookies and other snacks.
The cake, 3D house chocolate cake.

The boy who loves schoolbus

Since Afeeq loves school buses, his mother requested to have a small cake in the shape of school bus. It was quite a challenge to do a small bus. This cake was 7 inches in length, 3 inches wide and 3 inches in height.

His mother also ordered cookies as a token to Afeeq’s friends.

New!: Edible Ink Cupcakes. Tasha's Birthday Favors

Tasha’s parent ordered cupcakes and cookies for her birthday. Edible image was used and fix on the cupcakes.