Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Che Mat's Engagement Ceremony

Che Mat’s Engagement – Hantaran Cake, The Red Roses.
Che Mat is my cousin from my mother’s side. His mother is my mom’s younger sister. We ( my siblings and I) have been calling him Che Mat since he was born and we totally forgotten his real name until I received his e-mail……
He had informed me more than a month before the event and since I had promised him to sponsor the cake, I had ample time to plan on what I wanted to do and the theme was silver and white.
I made three big red roses (one broken, have to take it out) and three small buds, a few sweet peas and berries (I forgot the name) I can say I had greatly improved in making the sugar roses and I still remembered my Facilitator/Trainer, Rosalind, told me “If possible all your sugar flowers must be ‘botanically correct’ so it will look lively, lovely and real”.
I used painting technique on the cake and a lot of edible luster silver dust. Do you know you can put this silver dust as a make-up if you are having a funky or retro party? Put on the eye lid, bling-bling, looks fantastic…….
Back to Che Mat, since the venue will be held somewhere in Temoh, Perak, more than 150 km away from Kota Damansara, I had to think of a cake and design that’s “durable” and able to withstand the weather since it will held at noon.
So, walla…as shown in the photo, a chocolate cake with fondant icing – I was very happy of the outcome. However, just a few kilometers before reaching the venue, we nearly met disaster when my sister, the driver, swerved the vehicle at a sharp corner, the cake slide in the box; luckily the cake board was large enough that acts as a stopper -lesson learned – must put an anti-slip rubber under the cake board too.
I managed to take a few snapshot of his fiancĂ©e, ……mmmm she looks like Che Mat la……
The event went well and lunch was superb – got Ikan masin (salted fish) with chillies, fried to perfection….yum, yum……should ask the host to “tapou”……

Shahiza's Wedding Cake

This was a three tiered cake, a 9 inch dark chocolate, 7 inch white chocolate and a 6 inch dome to accentuate the height.
Chocolate truffles and chocolate decorations with contrasting colors, white and pink loved shaped royal icing as an ensemble to enhance the overall decoration.
I tried to set-up a few of the white chocolate decorations to the cake earlier before delivery at site; however the warm weather does not allowed it. The white chocolate decorations just “curved” its way to gravity.
By the time I reached the venue, it was already 6.30 pm, Alhamdulillah, the temperature had cooled down. I was glad everything turn-up well except for the workers/contractors were also busy setting up the tent, the PA system, table and chairs, sound of hammer everywhere, very chaotic, I had to move the cake frequently to allow the workers/contractors to do the table skirting. The workers keep on saying to me…..Sori kak, sori kak, with a Bangla twang.

Shahiza's hantaran cake

This love shaped pink cake was from the groom to the bride, Shahiza. This cake was a vanilla cake with chocolate ganache fillings.
The cake was adorned with royal icing flowers. Royal icing flowers took at least one to four days to really dried, depends on the “thickness” of the flowers. It will be easily brittle if it not totally dried.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ding Dong Bell!

Is it me or 2009 spells weddings weddings weddings?
Alhamdulillah, for we've been blessed to witness your special day and would like to thank all of our customers for choosing Seen~Fully Sedap to brighten your day.
Here's a few moments we've captured~

For events, kindly make prior booking and consultation to avoid dissapointments.

Thank you and regards,
Seen~Fully Sedap.

Syarina's Wedding Cake

This 2 tiered cake’s size was chocolate cake, 9 inch and mud cake, 7 inch, accompanied with 10 mini chocolate cakes. Due to transportation and warm weather, the cake surface doesn’t look smooth when I arrived at the venue. The condition of the cake deteriorate after I’ve been told the air-conditioner had just been turn on a few minutes. I was sweating during the set-up, maybe the warm weather higher than usual makes the air cond took quite a while to cool down the hall.
The bottom tier was heavy even though it looks small. Squares cake usually 30% heavier than a round cake with the same size.
The design idea was from the client’s. I was not satisfied with the outcome because the brown color seems to fade a little due to the white light and a good reason for me to purchase an air brush. Certain colors will fade through time if been exposed to white light, example brown, purple and black.

Zuraidah's Wedding Day : Wedding Cake and Cupcakes Combo

It was a chocolate cake with fondant icing and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache topping. The ceremony was held at the Bride’s house, Ms. Zuraidah, Taman Gembira, Kelang. It was hot and humid day. When we arrived around noon, the chocolate ganache looks glossy and through experience, the temperature should be around 34
0Celsius. It was fortunate her house located near “ a padang ” and its windy.

Actually the bride and groom should have worn pink attire, however, both of them were so busy attending to the guest, they don’t have the time to change. Anyway, Selamat Pengantin Baru!!!.

Soccer Ball Cake

This was my fist attempt to do a soccer ball. Before finishing, it was covered with chocolate ganache and at the same time my friend drop by to collect her cupcakes.
She saw the “work-in-progress” cake on the table and said the cake looks like a beehive rather than a ball.
This cake was for a fourteen years old boy and I’ve been told by his mother he’s just been discharged from a hospital for a minor surgery. Hope he like the cake.

Pull-Apart Cupcake

Farewell Cupcakes

This cupcake was ordered by Ms Barbara. She’s leaving the company and these cupcakes were for her colleagues as a token of appreciation.