Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ideas for hantaran : Pillow and Tiara Cake

This was a “Hantaran” cake from a groom to the bride. He just gave me the theme color that was white and gold. He gave me freedom to come out with the idea and I considered the budget was a bit “lavish”. He was very pleased with the end product and I wish to have more clients like him……:)

Its nice to be appreciated, thank you.

Yes, all is edible.

Topsy Turvy Cake

I've attended the 3 days Wedding Cake Classes at ICCA, Dataran Sunway. This was the product that I design using all the technique that had been taught. Anyway there’s been a lot of mistake that I’ve done and many lesson learned. Nevertheless it has been quite good learning experience for me.

Birthday cupcakes and 4-inch cookies. Happy 7 years young!

These Birthday Cupcakes and 4 inches Cookies were for a girl who celebrated her 7th birthday in October. She wanted to give it to her classmates in school.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Information regarding cupcake sizes

 In view of many enquiries on the sizes of our cupcakes, we hereby attached a photo of the cupcakes and its sizes.

Hope that this information will help our existing and potential clients for their decision making on the suitable cupcake size for their specific function.

Small Size Cupcake : Small enough to just pop em in your mouth!

 Medium Size Cupcakes : 2.5 bigger than the small cuppies.

Large Size Cupcakes

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Topsy Turvy Cake

My colleague sponsored these cakes for her friend for Hari Raya Gathering (I guess). She wanted something different so I suggested these cakes. The bottom tier was 8 inch, middle 6 inch, top tier 4 inch overall height 10 inch. This type of cake is also called wonky cake or a Mad Hatter cake. Construction of this type of cake is easy once you know the technique.
I practice my first topsy turvy cake with Styrofoam, I succeeded. However, when I do with a real cake, it was a disaster!!, I couldn’t fit the second tier properly and it just collapsed, it turned into a real “TOPSY TURVY”. I realized carving the cake with the correct angle is crucial and the cake must firm enough during carving so it will not be out of shape.
Yet the cake that looks unsightly was consumed by my hungry friends in the office. The taste must be good!!!!!

New ! : Chocolate Orange Cake

New combination! Chocolate Orange Cake by SeenFullySedap! This cake was made for Atika, who loves butterfly.

Ideas is not constraint to just 1 flavour. Throw us some new ideas, it might be the next best thing ever :)

Doll Cake : Celina

This doll cake ordered by Puan Siti Kahadijah, for her 10 years old daughter, Celina, on the 09.09.09.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hat Cake

The Hat Cake – Hantaran
Actually this is a two tiered orange cake, the bottom was a 9 inch diameter with 1.5 inch height, the second cake 8 inch diameter with 4 inch height. Lilac was the theme color. The hat was embellished with fondant silver dusted ribbon with 2 sets of flowers. The brim of the hat was adorned with lace-like fondant.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Dear SeenFullySedap lovers,

It has been a hectic week for us these past few months and we would like to thank all of our customers for giving us such tremendous support.

As a token of our appreciation, for customers that have dealings with us previously, you are entitled for a 5% discount, valid for 2 months starting this month of Ramadhan! Its an offer not to be missed!

Thank you and have a blessed Ramadhan.


Barbie Doll Cake

Barbie doll Cake
This cake was for a year old girl. Her mum requested a “full bodied” Barbie Doll, so later she can keep this doll. Barbie Doll are suitable for 3 years an above only.
Since, I have experience in doing figurine before; I managed to make the Barbie Doll stand upright while putting on the skirt. Anyway, I really enjoy dressing her up.

Table cloth-Chocolate Cake Fondant Icing

Table Cloth – Chocolate Cake Fondant Icing
This cake was for Ms Ebi for her engagement “hantaran”. Her theme color was white and maroon. It looks like the cake was covered with table cloth.

Cookies covered in fondant

Cookies covered with fondant
I’ve been experiment all sorts of cookies designs that are appropriate to give as token and also suitable for the Malaysian palate. These were a few of the design I have made. I covered with fondant and some embellished with royal icing flowers, gold trimmings, hand paintings and small fondant flowers.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ideas for hantaran: Teapot Cake

This teapot cake was inspired from my sister’s ceramic teapot collection - It’s a lotus teapot. A lot of planning was involved in the process of making the teapot.

First the cake was covered with a thin layer of white fondant and let it dry. To speed up the process I put it in an air conditioner room. This stage was crucial to enable the fondant to hold the “petals”. The “petals” was semi dry when I applied the colored dust. Then attached the “petals” from top to bottom. If the “petals” too soft it won’t curl very well, if it’s too dry it will breaks easily. Lastly, gold trimmings painted at the edge of the “petals”.

The “snout” of the teapot looks bulky when it was covered with fondant…not a good sight…
To compliment the teapot, I make the cup and saucer filled with cappuccino, and saucer with a piece of cake. This cake was for an engagement “hantaran”. During delivery I realized something missing………the spoon for the cake!!!!........

Monday, August 3, 2009

Gift Ideas : Mini Fruit Cake

These mini fruits cake was given to all the “Dayang-dayang” (ladies-in-waiting) who diligently carried all the “dulang hantaran” during the engagement ceremony. The height of the cakes were 3 inches and its diameter 2 inches.

Bread Dough Basket

This bread dough basket was made of “salt dough”. All you need is flour, salt and water. Knead like you knead bread and you can use this dough to do any decoration your heart desire.
It took about 2 weeks and tonnes of perseverance to complete this basket. If the process of slow baking and drying it repeatedly was done properly, colored and lacquered the surface completely, the basket can last for 5 years.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cookies for Bridal Shower

These were a 3 inches cookies decorated with royal icing. A group of ladies wanted to celebrate a few of their friends who soon going to tie a knot. They wanted cookies that related with weddings and also a little bit “kinky”.

We can also cater any Theme Cookies Favors for any special occasions.
Just let us know whats on your mind .

For this party, the cookies was part of the 'Naughty Kit' for the girls.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Shower for Ayu

Mommy Cake

Cookie favors for the guests

Spot the similarities!

Click on the picture for enlarged pictures
Baby shower party for Ayu
This was a surprise baby shower party held for Ayu. Her husband’s duty was to get her out from the house while “the organizer” starts preparing the room at the attic, the only secluded room in the house.
While waiting for her friends to arrive, we ate, because it had passed our lunch time. We were getting worried. Are her friends coming??
Even though this was a small scale party, we had to wait for all her friends to arrive, by then it was 2.00 pm. Ayu must be hungry or maybe angry, been shoved by the husband, like going nowhere. Her husband’s phone kept on ringing, well, communication between him and organizer, friends and visa versa.
Well we managed to surprise her!!
A few games been organized and they had great fun. (see the collage of photos)
The baby shower cake was a chocolate cake with fondant icing. Since it was the last batch of fondant, I have to ensure the fondant was enough to cover the cake. That explained the unevenness on the cake, the fondant layer too thin. The figurine’s tummy was not big enough. However, I am satisfied with the outcome especially the figurine’s dress. The gum paste had to be rolled very thin so it looks like a cloth and have to work quickly before the gum paste gets dry.
We also do the baby shower cookies and cupcakes.
The party goes well, however the room was getting warmer because the 4.00 pm sun shone directly to the room, though the air conditioner was on.

From Russia with Love

This 6 by 4 inches cake was ordered by Sarah, at present study medic in Russia . She just e-mail to my assistant, requesting the birthday cake to be sent to her mother on a specific date.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Che Mat's Engagement Ceremony

Che Mat’s Engagement – Hantaran Cake, The Red Roses.
Che Mat is my cousin from my mother’s side. His mother is my mom’s younger sister. We ( my siblings and I) have been calling him Che Mat since he was born and we totally forgotten his real name until I received his e-mail……
He had informed me more than a month before the event and since I had promised him to sponsor the cake, I had ample time to plan on what I wanted to do and the theme was silver and white.
I made three big red roses (one broken, have to take it out) and three small buds, a few sweet peas and berries (I forgot the name) I can say I had greatly improved in making the sugar roses and I still remembered my Facilitator/Trainer, Rosalind, told me “If possible all your sugar flowers must be ‘botanically correct’ so it will look lively, lovely and real”.
I used painting technique on the cake and a lot of edible luster silver dust. Do you know you can put this silver dust as a make-up if you are having a funky or retro party? Put on the eye lid, bling-bling, looks fantastic…….
Back to Che Mat, since the venue will be held somewhere in Temoh, Perak, more than 150 km away from Kota Damansara, I had to think of a cake and design that’s “durable” and able to withstand the weather since it will held at noon.
So, walla…as shown in the photo, a chocolate cake with fondant icing – I was very happy of the outcome. However, just a few kilometers before reaching the venue, we nearly met disaster when my sister, the driver, swerved the vehicle at a sharp corner, the cake slide in the box; luckily the cake board was large enough that acts as a stopper -lesson learned – must put an anti-slip rubber under the cake board too.
I managed to take a few snapshot of his fiancĂ©e, ……mmmm she looks like Che Mat la……
The event went well and lunch was superb – got Ikan masin (salted fish) with chillies, fried to perfection….yum, yum……should ask the host to “tapou”……

Shahiza's Wedding Cake

This was a three tiered cake, a 9 inch dark chocolate, 7 inch white chocolate and a 6 inch dome to accentuate the height.
Chocolate truffles and chocolate decorations with contrasting colors, white and pink loved shaped royal icing as an ensemble to enhance the overall decoration.
I tried to set-up a few of the white chocolate decorations to the cake earlier before delivery at site; however the warm weather does not allowed it. The white chocolate decorations just “curved” its way to gravity.
By the time I reached the venue, it was already 6.30 pm, Alhamdulillah, the temperature had cooled down. I was glad everything turn-up well except for the workers/contractors were also busy setting up the tent, the PA system, table and chairs, sound of hammer everywhere, very chaotic, I had to move the cake frequently to allow the workers/contractors to do the table skirting. The workers keep on saying to me…..Sori kak, sori kak, with a Bangla twang.

Shahiza's hantaran cake

This love shaped pink cake was from the groom to the bride, Shahiza. This cake was a vanilla cake with chocolate ganache fillings.
The cake was adorned with royal icing flowers. Royal icing flowers took at least one to four days to really dried, depends on the “thickness” of the flowers. It will be easily brittle if it not totally dried.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ding Dong Bell!

Is it me or 2009 spells weddings weddings weddings?
Alhamdulillah, for we've been blessed to witness your special day and would like to thank all of our customers for choosing Seen~Fully Sedap to brighten your day.
Here's a few moments we've captured~

For events, kindly make prior booking and consultation to avoid dissapointments.

Thank you and regards,
Seen~Fully Sedap.

Syarina's Wedding Cake

This 2 tiered cake’s size was chocolate cake, 9 inch and mud cake, 7 inch, accompanied with 10 mini chocolate cakes. Due to transportation and warm weather, the cake surface doesn’t look smooth when I arrived at the venue. The condition of the cake deteriorate after I’ve been told the air-conditioner had just been turn on a few minutes. I was sweating during the set-up, maybe the warm weather higher than usual makes the air cond took quite a while to cool down the hall.
The bottom tier was heavy even though it looks small. Squares cake usually 30% heavier than a round cake with the same size.
The design idea was from the client’s. I was not satisfied with the outcome because the brown color seems to fade a little due to the white light and a good reason for me to purchase an air brush. Certain colors will fade through time if been exposed to white light, example brown, purple and black.

Zuraidah's Wedding Day : Wedding Cake and Cupcakes Combo

It was a chocolate cake with fondant icing and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache topping. The ceremony was held at the Bride’s house, Ms. Zuraidah, Taman Gembira, Kelang. It was hot and humid day. When we arrived around noon, the chocolate ganache looks glossy and through experience, the temperature should be around 34
0Celsius. It was fortunate her house located near “ a padang ” and its windy.

Actually the bride and groom should have worn pink attire, however, both of them were so busy attending to the guest, they don’t have the time to change. Anyway, Selamat Pengantin Baru!!!.

Soccer Ball Cake

This was my fist attempt to do a soccer ball. Before finishing, it was covered with chocolate ganache and at the same time my friend drop by to collect her cupcakes.
She saw the “work-in-progress” cake on the table and said the cake looks like a beehive rather than a ball.
This cake was for a fourteen years old boy and I’ve been told by his mother he’s just been discharged from a hospital for a minor surgery. Hope he like the cake.

Pull-Apart Cupcake

Farewell Cupcakes

This cupcake was ordered by Ms Barbara. She’s leaving the company and these cupcakes were for her colleagues as a token of appreciation.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sister site : Debutante Avenue

Come check us out, we are now linked with Debutante Avenue!
Click click!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seenfullysedap’s cake debut in Pengantin Magazine

Our Cake appears in May 09 Pengantin Magazine!!! Hooray!!!!. However, there’s no write-up about the cake……..the magazine focused on the event only. This cake was made for Emma’s solemnization and the cake was featured in our blog somewhere in February. =)

Pull-Apart Cupcake

Actually this was a medium size cupcakes arranged closely and iced with chocolate ganache. So at one glance you will see a piece of odd shaped cake. Cute right?!