Sunday, September 21, 2008

Orders for raya cookies

Orders for SeenFully Sedap will be closed from 26th September to 6 October due to the eid holidays. Business will resume as usual on 7 October, so be sure to book your cake as soon as possible. For open house orders, kindly contact Habsah at 0122715875 as soon as possible to avoid dissapointments.

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Chocolate Cake for Festive Season – Special packaging

This packaging developed when one of our close friend wanted to bring home the chocolate cake to her hometown, Johor Baru, Johor and unfortunately, she travelled by bus.

Not to disappoint her, I came with this idea by cutting it into sections and wrapped with aluminium foil and then “cling”-wrapped. The idea of cutting again into smaller slices was her idea because she doesn’t want to get messy.

I advised her to put the cake into the freezer before travelling. When she arrived Johor Baru, the cake was still in a good condition and that was three years ago.

Now, every Ramadhan, school holidays, college breaks , we still continue to receive orders for this cake. Very handy for people who wants to take home SeenFully Sedap's goodies back to their loved ones.

To date only close friends and relatives order this type of packaging. We do not promote to others due to storage capacity. However, with our new chiller (yay), we will have ample storage.

The recipe of this chocolate cake is the same as the chocolate cupcake.

Below the process of packaging:-

1) This is a 1 kilo sheet cake measured 11 ½ in by 11 ½ in by 1 ½ in thickness.
2) Toppings – chocolate ganache.
3) The sheet cake is cut into 8 sections.
4) Each section is cut into smaller slices.
5) Wrap with aluminium foil.
6) Then cling-wrap.
7) All 8 sections completely warp.
8) Put in a box and then in the freezer/fridge.
9) Ready to deliver.

Price for 1 kilo RM 57(8 pcs), for ½ kilo RM 30 (4 pcs).

Serving suggestion : Yummy when eat with vanilla ice cream =)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

4 X 6 inches size cake

This small cake has been such a hit, we can't help but to rave about it!
It is so cute and compact, quaint enough to be eaten by a party of 10 people without having extra leftover cakes. Its been a norm, especially for youngsters (ahaha i sound old writing this) to make small gathering among their closest friends and celebrate their birthdays.
We understand that some people don't need TOO MUCH cake to celebrate =)
What other cake to get other than this!
Can also be used for hantarans as well.
Not too much, not too little, just nice =)

Let us know what flavour u want (and date of delivery as well, thats important) then we'll give u the quotation, no obligation to buy.
Don't worrylah, we're not the biting type ;)

Its kinda hard to set a fixed price, due to the ever changing demands of our clients, which some wants cupcakes, huge cake, small cake, tall cake, party cake, other than cakes, different flavours, different weight, different number of cupcakes and also the fluctuation inflation price pressure towards our cost (don't worry, we are reasonable about it). And also because both of us is working and studying also makes it hard to find time to sit down to organize about it.
Heck, all free times are used to bake these SeenFully Sedap goodies =)

About the cake (from the left),

1) Sponge cake layered with blueberry mixed with fresh cream. Ordered by Emma for her husband’s 38th birthday

2) Choc cake – Ordered by En Ismail for his daughter 17th birthday.

3) Ordered by Afif for his brothers, soon going to pursue their studies.

4) During our visits to a lunch gathering.

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Fruit Cake

Have u tasted SeenFullySedap's fruit cake?
Its absolutely DIVINE!!!!
The taste is not overly sweet but moist texture enough to whet your appetite, yumyum!
I myself (this is shai writing by the way) don't eat much raisin/prunes/dates/anything thats related, find these cake, full of raisins so delicious!
Yes, its that delicious! It does not taste like the usual fruit cake that u find in stores that usually has been kept too long and the texture is too dry.

This fruit cake is ordered by Mr Ganesh and his family over the long Merdeka weekend.

Anyway, eventhough its kinda late (sorry, I was having classes on that day, yeah, public holidays does not apply in my college >.<), Happy Birthday Malaysia =)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Garden Themed Coconut Cake

Currently, we are getting orders for cakes this size. Its quite small and cozy, small enough for a party of 8 people. Flavors can be discussed. As in this cake, its Coconut Cake. Yum!

It is 6 inches in diameter and 4 inches in height. Cute right?!

Interested? Call 012 271 5875

Nombor Cake

Its been such a long time since we've receive orders for a 'Nombor Cake'. I think the trend of cupcakes are dying down, don't you think? People are now ordering huge cakes istead of cupcakes.

Anyway, the cake above is made for a 1 year old little guy.

Interested? Call 012 271 5875

Ideas for hantaran?

Ever since one of our relatives wedding, we've been getting tons of enquiries about some of the 'hantaran's that we've helped to complete.
As part of the Malay tradition (mostly from the Perak region) , in one of the gifts that is usually exchanged is the 'Pulut Kuning'. It is made from glutonous rice, usually prepared for special occasions and absolutely delish when accompanied with rendang or curry.

So, during the exchange of the gifts, people love to be creative and decorate their rice is many creative way. (Example, Ning Baizura's wedding, they made it look like a 'tudung saji')

Haha no, we don't make the pulut, HOWEVER, the dome and the minaret that played part of the decoration is custom made by SeenFully Sedap =) The dome is made by sugar paste.
The mosque is based on the Putrajaya Mosque =)

Designs for sugar paste are limitless!Here are mini boxes made out of sugar. Yes u can eat it, if u can stand the sweetness. Yes u can keep it as well. The longer u keep it, the harder it gets.Remember there are brooches made out of sugar out there? The same concept is applied here. Thus for hantaran, u can put in chocolates, bunga rampai, sweets etc.

The design here is inspired by swans over a lake of lilies =)

Here are also a product of SeenFully Sedap!
A basket mold roller was used to get the basket pattern on the fondant. All the flowers were hand-made from fondant mixed with gum-tex.
The cake was a chocolate cake, layered with chocolate ganache.
Price of the above size (9” cake) ranging from RM 150 to RM 250 depends on the complexity of the design.
;) See, when u have an idea that may want to create but its just that lacking in expertise in doing it, discussion can be made to custom to your needs.

For custom enquiries or queries, feel free to discuss with us.

Interested? Call 012 2715875