Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mini Cuppies

Mini cuppies to just pop in your mouth. From left, Vanilla choco chip, chocolate, orange, and pandan. Other flavours can be negotiated.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wishing Cupcakes

Another way of wishing your friend rather than giving her a card!

Positive Words

For the first time in my entire life, someone ordered cupcakes for his downliners. In fact there's no specific function. I guessed, this is another way to motivate your employees. He requested me to put positive words on the I'm out of ideas for positive words!!!

Open Book - 2 kilo chocolate cake

This cake is for someone's boss who was going to be retired

"Potong Jambul" Nestum Cake

Butter Cake cream laced with Nestum, the aroma is SEENFULLY SEDAP!!!!!!

This cake was a gift to a friend, who is celebrating her daughter's 45 days old birthday and her 'Potong Jambul' ceremony. (Its a ceremony done by the Malay culture to celebrate a person's first hair cut)

The design was copied from Wilton Book of cake decoration. The cake was decorated with daisies made from royal icing, the 'baby face' with a nice 'jambul' appropriate for the event.

Engagement Favors

She ordered 1 month before the event. The cupcake was put into a dome container as a token to the groom's family

Chocolate Cupcakes

Wedding "Hantaran" Lemon Moist Cake

This is a lemon cake with lemon filling, covered with fondant, winth fondant flowers and royal icings leaves.

Farewell cupcakes

The cupcakes were ordered by someone who had resigned and would like to thank her colleagues in helping her during her tenure in the company.

Interested? Call Habsah at 012 271 5875

Vegetarian Butter Cake

This butter cake was baked without egg for my friend's daughter. Her family are vegetarian and she requested me to do a doll cake for her daughter's birthday.

It was a challenged for me esspecially during delivery, traveling from Shah alam to Kajang!, the obstacles such as traffic lights, the highways, and NO sudden brakes! I had to separate the square base and the doll for easy handling.

I had to deliver earlier since my schedule that day was very tight. However, the hotel personnel was very helpful by keeping the cake in the fridge and I taught them how to assemble the cake.

I received a call from my vegetarian friend informing that the birthday function went well and her daughter was actually stunned when she saw the cake. Her daughter didn't expect a doll cake, she anticipated the usual round cake.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

More weddings and engagements!

Seems that the yr 2008 is VERY lucky, practically every month we received orders for favors, especially for weddings and engagements. Again we would like to inform you orders for the month of August till 23rd 08 is fully booked due to the golden date. =)

(Anyway, my aunt did give me some notes to write her but i haven't install Microsoft Word in my MAC yet so I can't access her documents regarding this. Will re-update it soon).

Before that we would like to apologize for the lack of updates. Auntie Habsah have been busy attending decorating classes and doing party and engagement favors while I was busy with exams. Yes, I have this one folder that i have yet to upload here, thousand apologies.

Let me recall some of the stuff she told me about this. Usually we don't do this type of favors for engagements, people prefer cupcakes more but this one particular client specially request for square chocolate cake with specific measurement to follow. As we are very flexible, we do accomodate to some orders. If u have any queries regarding anything, whether we can do impossible things (regarding orders), feel free to contact us. Doesn't mean we only do whatever is online =)

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