Monday, March 3, 2008

Engagement cakes

Since its a season to get engaged, I've decided to feature today's post about some engagement parties that we've done these past month. The picture above is taken during one of our regular customers engagement. Emma and her fiance has requested to have cupcakes with cupcake tree feature at the event. Assortments of design is done and she has requested for Vanila and Chocolate Cuppies in Medium Size. Its not necessary to have those 2 flavour, u can request for other flavours as well by just enquiring with us.

¨ Engagement Cakes - We also do hantarans!
Fondant cake – suitable if need to travel far…….does not need refrigeration however we need at least 2 weeks notice. Usually we do coconut cake or fruit cake.
Have to specify the size of the cake, example most of the cakes were 8 inches in diameter … will fit the “hantaran “ tray (semerit).
Price of an 8 inches round fondant cake will be at a range of RM 80 to RM 150, depends on the complexity of the designs.
Chocolate Ganache - Can last one day without refrigeration; however the chocolate might melt if in a warm area or direct sunlight.
Butter cream - Not suitable for long distance. But ok if 2 hours ride. We will pack in a proper packaging.
Here are some of the designs for favors to be given to guest. The sizes on this picture are in medium. For bulk orders, please make ur Date booking at least 2 weeks prior to the event. to be safe, book early =)

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Tis' a season to tie the knot!

Instead of the normal traditional white-buttercream or cakes-that-made-out-of-styroform, why not have a Chocolate Wedding Cakes instead. Usually during weddings, guest don't get to taste the wedding cakes but so far, with SeenFullySedap cakes, its the bride and the groom that didn't get the chance to even get a bite. And that record has never been broken. Guess next time, put someone nearby the cake and guard it for the couple =p Our cake is THAT good!!!

Info about the picture above:
¨ This was a three kilo chocolate cake. The chocolate ganache toppings will makes the cake heavier; therefore the top tier usually will be a dummy cake or a few small sized cupcakes.
¨ In this event the bride and groom only have a chance to have a photo shoot while cutting the cake and they have been immediately shoved away by the bride’s parent to introduce them to a VIP guest.
¨ When the event was over they realized they don’t even get the taste of the cake. One month after the event, Auntie Habsah gave them a half kilo chocolate cake as complimentary gift. =)
Ps:- Orders for Majlis Keramaian, or Events must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Subject to availability. To avoid dissapointments, make your bookings early!!
Interested? Call 0122715875 for Habsah.

Christmast Party 2007@ Uncle Ben & Uncle Johar

Annual Christmas Gathering at Uncle Ben & Uncle Johar.
¨ Uncle Ben and Uncle Johar are Auntie Habsah’s best friends and every year they will hold an annual Christmas lunch for Uncle Ben....Their friendship span around 20 years.
¨ As usual Uncle Johar will bake the turkey for 3-4 hours. The last time I tasted the turkey when I was in Form 5. Seriously, that turkey was delish!!!!!! Sinfull, if u know what i mean =). I missed the event and especially the turkey coz I was on vacation ….sob, sob…sedap siut! Uncle Johar’s turkey is very tasty, especially the stuffing, his own recipes that cater for Malaysian taste buds. Uncle Johar le tukang masaknye =)
¨ It was a potluck event, so my aunt contributed her cupcakes and a ½ kilo coconut cake covered with white fondant.

2008! And oh boy, what a great beginning it was!! Updates!

First of all I would really really like to apologize for the severe lack of updates particularly this year in 2008. Reason? Preety stupid actually, I went for a long holiday and when i came back, me and Habsah were busy with engagement parties and huge orders. Then last week when i as about to update the site, that stupid thing happened. I've forgotten my password for this website, eek! @.@ I'm sorry!!!!!

Anyway, a huge thanks for all our clients that have been patient with us and booked for their events for year 2008 in advance. (Some booked 6 months in advance, I'm impressed!) I don't know whether its the season or something but this first 2 months of 2008's orders mainly consists of fondant cakes, cupcakes for favors, cakes for engagement and wedding parties.
Its a season to get engaged and kahwin!!! Congratulations! Well post up their pictures as soon as possible.

Again, here's a Belated New Year and Belated Chinese New Year wish from me and Auntie Habsah from SeenFullySedap!!!